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Job Title: Specialist SHE Risk

Role Category: Process Optimisation

Geographic Location: Secunda
Business Unit: Sasol Mining, Surface Services

Sasol Mining operates six coal mines that supply feedstock for our Southern African integrated value chain. The coal supplied to Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO) is mainly used as gasification feedstock and some are used to generate electricity. The coal supplied to Sasolburg Operations (SO) is used to generate electricity and steam. We also export coal from the Twistdraai Export Plant to internal power generation customers via the Richards Bay Coal Terminal


Purpose of Job:


-To formulate and ensure execution of the SHE Risk and Non-conformance strategy and plan, based on the One Sasol SHE Excellence Approach and SHE Risk-based methodology.

-Provide expert SHE Risk and Non-conformance management service and support the relevant business to enable the execution, reporting and assurance of effective SHE risk and non-conformance processes aligned with standardised methodologies, tools and procedures.

-In collaboration with business and relevant stakeholders prevent and mitigate the occurrence and recurrence of undesirable SHE events by establishing and assuring that processes are in place to continually improve SHE risk management and institutionalise learnings, through effective corrective and preventive controls.

Key accountabilities

SHE Risk-based planning

  • Embed the SHE risk-based methodology through creating an understanding of SHE undesirable events, critical controls and how this relates to the business specific SHE risks
  • Establish a business SHE risk profile aligned with Group top and business specific SHE risks.  Identify the material SHE risks and critical controls to be addressed in the business in collaboration with business leaders and represent by means of a Bow-tie
  • Enable the development of  Bow-ties for KUEs relevant to the business and other business high risks and the development and implementation of appropriate controls
  • Establish and maintain SHE risk register and provide inputs into the establishment of business risk register in collaboration with relevant business stakeholders and Group Risk
  • Standardize and enable baseline, issue-based and continuous risk assessments methodologies and tools within the SHE risk governance framework for the business and ensure
  • Establish standardised baseline and issue-based risk assessments and bow-tie where relevant on agreed risks in collaboration with fellow SHE risk specialists
  • Apply the One Sasol SHE Excellence approach elements to determine the focus areas to support risk controls, e.g. systems, structure, governance, skills
  • Develop an assurance protocol for SHE risk controls to monitor the effectiveness of the controls and to enable the business and relevant SHE sub-functions to provide assurance on risk management

Risk-based SHE Management

  • Actively drive the standardisation of risk management tools and toolkits
  • Standardisation of critical controls across Operating Units / Functions
  • Guide business leaders on how to respond to risk by executing the agreed Game Plans, through the implementation of operational SHE risk controls and by focusing on enablers for SHE risk management
  • Consult relevant control owners and SHE sub-functions where controls are not executed or where improvement actions or initiatives are required such as Behaviour Transformation, Maintenance, Operations

SHE risk-based monitoring and assurance

  • Monitor, track and report the progress against the Game Plans and focus areas
  • Enable risk control owners to provide assurance on the effectiveness of risk controls through governance and monitoring of the risk management process
  • Ensure data integrity for reports and provide information to SHE Risk Manager as per agreed format and schedule
  • Provide sufficient clarity and feedback on the effectiveness and improvement priorities of SHE risk management

Risk-based review and Improvement

  • Analyse SHE results and trends in relation with the business SHE risks to inform the continuous improvement themes to be addressed with specific action plans
  • Provide inputs into the establishment of leading and lagging indicators by providing relevant information
  • Identify learnings from the monitoring and assurance processes, as well as the analysis outcomes, to determine themes for improvement on organizational, workplace and individual levels in collaboration with relevant SHE sub-functions and technical workgroups

Ensure that the loop is closed by addressing the improvement themes in the following ways:

• Update the business and SHE risk profile

• Roll-out appropriate risk controls for the implementation by risk owners

• Update the Game Plan with appropriate focus areas and/or initiatives

• Develop or update specific procedures and/or toolkits associated with themes


Assurance and Reporting

  • Report business SHE risks on a quarterly basis via the appropriate governance channels
  • Report and review business SHE performance, analyze business trends and recommend, or facilitate the development of, business SHE improvement actions
  • Enable 1st level of risk assurance in business by influencing business operations and SHE for the establishment of appropriate self audits and other mechanisms
  • Ensure risk based approach is followed during 2nd and 3rd party audits by presenting the entity risk register indicating prevailing KUEs, other entity high risks and all relevant controls during planning and opening meetings of 2nd and 3rd party audits and acting as auditee where relevant

SHE Non-Conformance Management

  • Enable the business to effectively manage SHE non-conformances through the implementation of non-conformance management system
  • Administrator for SHE risk and non-conformance management system and govern related master data
  • Facilitate level 1 & 2 incident investigations and conduct quality review  and trend analysis of all SHE related  risk control failures and ensure that risk control owners updates SHE risk controls
  • Collate information from relevant internal and external sources to compile learnings and insights with appropriate preventive/corrective actions

Coaching and Training

  • Coach the business and SHE sub-functions on effective execution of the SHE risk management process

Personal development and effectiveness

  • Enable and sustain high performance and seek opportunities for personal growth monitored through a structured performance contract and development plan

Stakeholder Relationships

  • Participate in SHE committees, forums, technical work groups and provide input for standardisation in collaboration with Corporate SHE, Hubs and SBU’s
  • Manage relations with the broader SHE function and other stakeholders to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable operations are enabled by procedures and toolkits to support the implementation of SHE performance requirements
  • Build constructive working relationships with manager, peers, clients and other service providers to ensure effective SHE risk management 

Major Challenges/Problem Solving

1. Implement a SHE risk management processes aligned with the SHE risk based approach in the business

2. Ensure that all stakeholders are aware and understands the SHE risk management process and undesirable events across the business

3. Standardisation and alignment with Corporate SHE and between Operating Hubs and SBU’s

4. Enable effective SHE risk management in alignment with the One Sasol SHE Excellence Approach

5. Systems design, roll-out and implementation of new enabling technology

6. Consolidations and integration of current data and information which are on different systems and not aligned with SHE risk-based approach
Operating Environment

• Secunda Sasol Mining operations consists of the following Mines and Surface Services: Middelbult Mine, Brandspruit Mine, Bosjesspruit Mine, Twistdraai Mine, Syferfontein Mine and Central Workshop, Sasol Coal Supply, Twistdraai Export Plant, SIGMA Mine in Sasolburg

• The incumbent do work overtime when required for incident investigations, special initiatives, maintenance and standby duties for the emergency response

• The incumbent will be required to travel between the Mining Collieries on a daily basis and attend forums and group initiatives that require traveling to Rosebank, Sasolburg, Springs, etc. on a monthly and three monthly basis
Minimum experience and Qualifications required:
-Relevant  B.Tech/B.Degree

-at least 5 Years of relevant experience


-National Diploma in Safety Management

– at least 8 Years of relevant experience


-Valid drivers license

Leadership Competency:
People Leadership

  • .Inspirational: Authentically and inclusively engages people to follow, lead culture transformation.
  • Builds Talent: Builds capability and leverages diversity for competitive advantage.

Partnership Leadership

  • Influential: Persuades and influences stakeholders’ builds relationships and partnerships for win-win outcomes
  • Collaborative: Builds Teams and creates synergies through working across boundaries

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